Making the most of your pregnancy through relaxation, natural pain relief and connection with your baby

Making the most of your pregnancy through relaxation, natural pain
relief and connection with your baby.

The miracle of new life and the joy of motherhood certainly create vibrancy however, the strains on
your body are extraordinary for any woman having a baby. Our busy lives and the physical
changes often cause stress, discomfort and pain.

Massage therapy provides an avenue to help you to feel relaxed and connected in a unique and
sympathetic way so you really can bloom.

  • Every massage is unique to you
    We always spend time listening to your needs, each massage is individually created to meet
    your precise requirements at the time your appointment, so no two massages will be identical.
  • Massage techniques
    We use a range of techniques from Swedish and Ayurvedic to deep tissue and Hands Free to
    increase your relaxation, while providing the most nurturing of massages.
  • Enhancing your birth plan
    We can provide specialised sessions that focus on breath work and visualisations and offer to
    engage with your birthing partner to explain and practice acupressure and pain relief to help
    with your labour.
  • Postnatal
    The changes that childbirth brings, the pace of modern life and the stresses of being a new
    parent makes taking time for yourself and your body challenging. Massage may help relieve
    discomfort and may help take care of your mental health.

“Working with Carmen through my pregnancy was a little like having my own oasis, she focused
on me and really helped. She comes highly recommended and I consider myself very lucky to have
found her”

(Bristol Mum)

Carmen is an experienced massage therapist who specialises in women’s wellbeing and health.
She trained as a holistic massage therapist and holds a diploma from the Massage Training
Institute ( She has an additional diploma in Pregnancy Massage,
Post Natal Recovery & Remedial Therapy and has studied WellMother Pregnancy Massage with
Suzanne Yates.

To enquire contact Carmen on 07708094420