Massage Therapy & Holistic Bodywork

Body Sense Massage Therapy is rooted in the foundational practice of swedish massage – characterized by long flowing strokes, gentle kneading, rolling and deep tissue release techniques to ease tension patterns within the muscles of the body. Massage can calm the body and mind, improve circulation and reduce muscular tension commonly found in the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, Arms Hands and Feet. It is of particular benefit to people who lead stressful lives due to busy work or lifestyle commitments or who carry postural related tension.

Hot Stone Massage incorporates up to 55 basalt stones heated in water and are used as part of a massage routine to induce relaxation and bring deep tissue warmth into the body.

Pregnancy Massage is available for women from their 2nd and 3rd trimesters who want prenatal and postnatal treatments to support changes taking place within the body due to weight bearing and hormonal shifts.

Myofascial Release is a form of Bodywork that works to gently stretch, open and release the connective tissue of the body which can become tight and restrictive due to poor posture, old injuries or stress holding patterns. It is also useful for those wanting the benefits of Massage Therapy without the use of oils and creams.

Ohm Tuning Fork Sound Healing and Energy Balancing available within the Body Sense range offer quantum based opportunities for deeper body mind healing and support.

Woman Wise
Woman focused holistic consultations that incorporate massage therapy, stress management and lifestyle guidance – with take away practices that can be brought into everyday life.

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Lorna Bailey

My journey into holistic medicine began in the early 1990’s at the College of Psychic Studies in London and from there I moved out to New Mexico to undertake a 6 year apprenticeship with a Native American Medicine Elder.

This led into an ongoing study and practice of living and walking the Path of the Sacred Feminine – which supports and empowers women to understand and embody their true divine nature. I have taught classes on Native Earth Wisdom & Spirituality as part of the Suffolk Adult Learning Programme and have led women’s workshops, courses and community circles for a number of years now.

In 2005 I qualified as a Massage Therapist and began to develop and integrate my previous training with ongoing professional development to offer clients a model of healthcare called Body Sense. I am a passionate advocate for women’s health and wellbeing and offer at the Centre one to one consultation sessions and short courses and have volunteered my services at Lighthouse Women’s Centre in Ipswich which supports women and their families recovering from the effects of domestic violence and abuse.