Refloxology is a pressure technique generally applied to the feet. The treatment is based on the premise that points on the feet correspond to areas in the body and that by exerting small, precise pressures on the relevant points, stress and tension maybe relieved and the body re-balanced.
Reflexology can help to alleviate numerous problems from sleep patterns to period problems. It engenders a deep relaxation, and can encourage a speedier recovery from injury or illness.
The treatment lasts approximately an hour.

Jane Garnham-Woods

Jane qualified as a reflexologist in 1992 and has been practising ever since; combining her treatments with her work as a part time receptionist at The Natural Health Centre. She qualified in Hadleigh and subsequently shadowed the well-known Ipswich Reflexologist, Wendy Seal. Jane is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists and is passionate about the benefits of Reflexology on both the body and the mind.

‘Jane makes me feel really comfortable, very relaxed and pampered. She is fantastic at reflexology. She helps balance my body and mind and I totally relax and feel revived after a session; ready to face the world again. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, she is amazing’
Michelle Edwards

‘I have known Jane for over twenty years, and whilst my reflexology treatments have not always been as regular as I would like, I leave a session feeling deeply relaxed, with feet and calf muscles seemingly lighter. I am still amazed about what Jane finds out about me and what I have, or haven’t been doing, from my feet. Never plan anything strenuous after a treatment as there have been occasions when I have felt totally wiped out, but after the best night’s sleep ever I always wake up feeling super refreshed and reinvigorated’
Jacqui Frost


To make an appointment call The Natural Health Centre on

01394 380580 or Jane on  07969895356