Sports Therapist

Sara Cummings, BSc, EEBW, ITEC Level 4

There is a common assumption that sports massage is more targeted towards athletes and sporty individuals. While it is true that athletes gain substantial benefit from regular sports massage, the techniques involved in the practice are suitable for all!

We can all be susceptible to repetitive or physical strain and trauma within our habitual daily patterns that may cause discomfort, or even injury over time.

Sports massage offers a medium in which specific techniques of assessment and treatment can be applied to help relieve discomfort and tension, as well as address musculoskeletal imbalances.

Sports massage is focussed on manipulation of soft tissues, these include muscles, tendons, ligaments, the skin, and fascia (a strong, web-like connective tissue that encapsulates everything from individual muscle fibres to entire body systems!).

Techniques can be applied superficially, or deep into tissues to assist improvement of dysfunction, realignment of muscle fibres, and upgrade your overall feeling of wellness.

With my experience, training and understanding of holistic approaches to wellbeing, I am well equipped to empower you in a journey to higher levels of health and performance.