Join the Sugar Free Challenge with Trish Dent

Join our Sugar-Free Challenge

Sugar has been in the news again, with calls for more sugar taxes to help reduce our consumption, and many of today’s children consuming as much as twice the recommended daily maximum.


So, here’s a real challenge for you: join Trish and go sugar-free for the month of January.

Begin by checking out where the easy-to-find sugar is lurking in your everyday foods.

  • Anything sweet is clearly to be avoided, so sweets, desserts, energy bars and sugar in drinks are out! You may also want to eliminate dried fruit and juices as these are high in sugar too.
  • Check through store-bought foods, particularly jars, many of which will contain sugar in surprisingly high quantities. Chuck them out, if you have the nerve. Otherwise relegate them to a cupboard that you won’t be looking in for a while.
  • Don’t be tempted to replace sugary foods with ones laden with artificial sweeteners instead; these manmade substitutes can also play havoc with your metabolism.
  • Limit your fruit intake to a couple of pieces a day: apples are best.
  • Replace sugary drinks and alcohol with herb teas and plain sparkling or still water.
  • Did I just say alcohol? Yes, you’ll also be going alcohol free for 30 days! So your pub tipple for the month will be still or sparkling water, with a twist of fresh lemon or lime.
  • Enjoy root vegetables which are naturally sweet, along with roasted or steamed pumpkin for a natural sweet hit.

I’ll be posting some more tips about what to eat/replace with and how to mitigate withdrawals over the next few days! Follow us to keep notified. Or go to


Our therapist Trish Dent is also a Macrobiotic Health Coach, offering coaching consultations. This month and next (until February 2019) Trish is offering you a free half-hour consultation during which time you’ll discover 2 key changes to get you on the path to wellbeing and vitality.