5 Energy Destroying Statements You May Have Used

5 Energy Destroying Statements You May Have Used

We use words to describe how we feel. But what if certain words made you feel worse? OMG, that would be awful!

Here’s a few statements you may have used when you didn’t feel so good…

I feel really depressed 

I had a terrible night’s sleep

I feel so tired

I hate my life

This pain is awful

In short, your thoughts create feelings which trigger physiological responses in your brain and body. Every time you think or talk like the above, you systematically re-imprint your mind and body with stress hormones…. and that’s exhausting.

You know what? I feel really happy today, I had a great nights sleep, I’ve got loads of energy, I love my life, the suffering is over! When you say that, how different does that sound and feel? It’s uplifting isn’t it?

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