Stress and Anxiety

This spring, make time for yourself, take time for what’s on your mind, and see the improvements…

Everybody encounters stress in their lives. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing; we all need a certain amount of it for motivation and focus. It’s finding the right balance that causes most of us problems from time to time. If we lose that balance, our stress levels can spiral out of control and impact upon all areas our lives; our relationships with our colleagues, friends and loved ones. National Health figures state that stress, anxiety and depression accounted for 43.8% of workplace illness in 2018.

Stress and anxiety are closely linked but do, in fact, have distinct definitions. The term ‘stress’, is generally used to describe what we are feeling when we are overwhelmed in the moment, what we feel when we are coping with life’s demands. It is related to how we cope with stimuli, either internal or external and usually exists in the present. It is more often situational and can even be used as a boast; people are working hard and feeling ‘stressed’.

Anxiety tends to be concern for what might happen in the future. It feels more personal than stress and people experiencing anxiety are less likely to discuss it openly. Stress can trigger anxiety and anxiety can often trigger panic attacks which can be extremely frightening. This can cause a vicious cycle of fear, overthinking and catastrophising. At this point, people are likely to need some kind of assistance.

The good news is that intervention can help. Counselling can support you in gaining control of your feelings; how you label and define your experiences will change how you feel about them. Counselling can help you to identify which ones are causing you stress and anxiety. We can then look at building resilience and tolerance levels. It can really help to externalise your anxieties and concerns with an objective third party in a safe and confidential space, all of which we can offer through counselling and hypnotherapy sessions in the relaxing environment at the Natural Health Centre, Woodbridge.

So what is the first step? We offer a free Initial Consultation which gives you the opportunity to meet a therapist and discuss what kind of support you need. You can find out more about us both on the website, including our contact details. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have prior to the Initial Consultation

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