Time to Talk

In therapy, we use the term talkingto mean just that – and so much more. Many clients find it a big relief just to sit down and talk about whats on their mind. By talking to a third party who you trust, troubles can be shared without pressure or judgement. Talking can progress to reflection, expression and release of stored up feelings and problems, and leads to insight and healing. Through verbalising feelings, thoughts and behaviours, it is possible to then identify solutions more easily, and resolve issues and problems.

Here at the Natural Health Centre, we will welcome you in our relaxing, calm and confidential environment, and we look forward to helping.

Lucy Ferguson, Ad Dip PC (MNCS Acc), Cert Hyp CS, MA Hons

Linda Burley, Ad Dip PC (MNCS Acc), Cert Hyp CS, BA Hons, PGCE

‘Ive found counselling extremely beneficial. Since moving away from my friends, I found it harder to talk to anyone about any issues I have. Especially anyone who is calm and doesnt judge me or the people / situations I discuss.   The counselling sessions with have been more beneficial than I can express. It was made easy and comfortable and I was able to be honest and open throughout every session. This has made a really big, positive impact on my life.’