Whilst we try and navigate harmoniously and safely through these extraordinary times, our Herbalist and Acupuncturist, Steve Kippax is here to help maintain our health face2face and virtually

In his practice locations – London and here in Suffolk – Steve continues to  provide  the full range of his usual treatments, seeing patients face to face, (essential for acupuncture, and generally desirable for any kind of medical consultation).

One of the changes in the last year or so has been the increasing acceptance and use of remote platforms like Zoom for personal and business communications.  He too offers remote consultations, which while not being as good as face to face, does mean that he can get to see your tongue even if he cannot feel your pulse!

Prevention is better than cure.
Since the start of the “pandemic” Steve has been advocating the generic protocol for maintaining health (taking their 2021 immune tonic when asymptomatic) and rapid disease treatment and intervention on the first manifestations of any signs or symptoms (Yin qiao pills). Then contacting them and receiving bespoke medicine and treatment for the precise symptomatology.

“Long covid” is merely a rephrasing of the post viral period and is not a new disease, just another term for post viral conditions. Now,  while COVID 19 and Long Covid can be incapacitating, herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been successfully treating conditions such as these for millennia. It is also reassuring to note that the infection fatality rate for COVID 19 in the under 70’s is 0.05%… meaning that you have a 99.95% chance of not dying.

Steve is delighted to inform you about his exciting redesigned retail website www.herbsaregood.com where he can sell individual herbs, mixtures and supplements. As a thank you, if you enter this promo code summer21 you will receive a 33% discount on products with your first order

Be happy.

Be well.