Regaining Confidence

The sun is shining at last. Summer has arrived and with it the pleasure of feeling the warmth of the sun and the cheer of a blue sky. Together with this, we are awaiting further  news of the easing of lockdown restrictions. Slowly, the everyday activities that we previously took for granted are returning – being able to shop, meet loved ones, travel away from our homes and attend work.

For many people, however, this easing of restrictions is bitter sweet. Whilst we may welcome a return to normality, we might also feel anxious about stepping into the world again. Trials we have faced during lockdown, such as grief, loss or isolation may have meant our confidence has slipped away. Perhaps we have enjoyed the slower pace of lockdown, and the speeding up of life again is felt as a deep pressure or anxiety.

It is important to remember that all these feelings are completely normal and doubtless shared by many others (although we may not know this as we all tend to hide our true feelings away).

What may also be hidden away, are our thoughts about ourselves, perhaps the traumas, wounds or doubts that we have carried with us for some time. The huge experience of living through a pandemic may have exacerbated these feelings. Again, it is important not to judge ourselves harshly, but to seek help if it is needed. 

All of the therapists at the Natural Health Centre specialise in bringing a sense of wellbeing and in helping you to strengthen your emotional and physical health. Counselling does this by providing a confidential, safe space where you can explore your issues, free from judgement and working at your own pace. Person Centred Counselling embodies the belief that each person can gain an understanding of their own issues, given an environment in which they feel heard, valued and understood.

If you would like to discuss Person Centred Counselling, or any of the other therapies offered at the centre, please contact reception on 01394 380580