Flower Essences & Crystals for Confidence

Handy Hints from Carina – Flower Essences & Crystals for Confidence

Flower essences and crystal energy work energetically to support our emotions, mind set and thought patterns. The energies interact with the energy system to clear any limiting blocks to support in viewing ourselves and situations in positive perspectives. Gently assisting to bring positivity and balance the emotions.

Certain crystals and flower essences can work to strengthen self-belief and raise our vibration into a more positive viewpoint bringing in feelings of confidence. They can be used to support us if we have times of self-doubt with the nagging, ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can’t do it’ critical inner voice.

Flower essences of support include Larch – for self-confidence, Mimulus – for courage to face anxieties, Cerato – if you lack confidence in your judgements and self-doubt. Gentian -if you have lost confidence after a setback.

Crystal energy for confidence include Sunstone for self-worth, strengthening and energising, Carnelian for courage and confidence, Citrine for self-worth, confidence and promotes joy.

To find out more about how the energy of crystals and flower essences can support you contact me for further information on my Flower Essence Journey treatments or my Crystal Energy Therapy treatments which also include crystal therapy and flower essence therapy.

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