We have a decision to make … from Paul Lacey Osteopath

This statement resonates with me pretty much every week in clinic.

“We have a decision to make. Do we spend the next thirty years slowly dying? Or do we spend the next 20 to 30 years putting exercise and lifestyle choices in place to build and maintain strength?
David Vaux, Osteopath & author of the book “Stronger”

I see a lot of retired clients in clinic and I am often asked “What exercises can I do?” as they seek to reduce pain and stiffness.  Whilst it is never too late to exercise in a form that suits the individual, there is often the sentiment that one should have kept moving and more active in their later working life.

Indeed I do often advise those non-sporty middle-aged clients that if they want to enjoy an active retirement then what they do activity-wise in their 50’s-60’s provides that foundation for a stronger & more supple body in their 80’s.

Come and talk to me and at least find out the absolute key body movements you should be working on as a minimum

Paul Lacey
Registered Osteopath