Ayurvedic Marma Massage

As well as mental and physical relaxation, this Ayurvedic massage stimulates your immune system and helps to get toxins moving out of the body. By combatting stress and fatigue, marma massage will also help slow the ageing process.
During your treatment I will massage you from your head to your toes, using oils that I combine after determining your dosha (body type).
This is a head-to-toe massage using warming and cleansing oils and a vigorous technique that stimulates the lymphatic system and teases the muscles into relaxation.
Marmas are the energetic cross-roads of the body, meeting points of different types of tissue, such as muscle and tendon, tendon and bone and I’ll work on some of these points, stimulating that subtle energy that runs through meridians and balancing the chakras (energy centres).
This luxurious treatment takes 1¾ hours.
Shorter 1¼ -hour treatments can also be arranged and may be appropriate if you would like to focus on a specific area, such as back or neck and shoulders.

Trish Dent

Trish has been practicing Shiatsu since 1998 and Indian Head Massage since 2000 and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC) and The Macrobiotic Association (MBA).
She works in Woodbridge and Beccles and also from her studio near Halesworth. Her Yoga and Stretch and Strengthen exercise classes run in venues along the Heritage Coast.
As a Macrobiotic Health Coach and Cook Trish offers cooking classes (one-to-one and group) and workshops. Her Fermentation workshop is currently the favourite!