Carina Remnant BA.Cert. Ed. FHT. BFVEA.BAFEP – Energy Therapies

My name is Carina Remnant and I am a fully qualified Reiki Master and teacher, a Crystal Therapist, Indian Head Massage and Flower & Gem Essences Practitioner based in forward Green, Stowmarket. I use a combination of Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Flower Essences, colour and sound in my Energy Therapy treatment programmes and in my Wild Lore Essences Energy Sprays. I also sell my energy sprays with beautiful crystals in Crystal Gift Boxes and individual crystal pieces.

You can view and purchase my Wild Lore Essences, Crystal Gift Boxes & Crystals on my online Etsy shop on

I have a strong belief in the value of energy therapies and enjoy working with women who want to take a personal transformative journey to help them navigate the stresses of everyday modern living and to be their true confident self in life.

I offer treatments in Reiki, Flower Essence Therapy, Energy Therapy – a combination treatment with crystal therapy, Reiki & Flower Essences. Indian head Massage

I have found through experience that offering clients a course of treatments, rather than just single treatments, offers greater results and sustained well-being. Having regular treatments maintains feelings of positivity, helps you to stay on track and keeps your well-being a top priority. The benefits of energy therapy is cumulative; each treatment builds on the work accomplished in the previous treatment. Through offering a programme of treatments clients often experience faster breakthroughs that are sustained, and deeper healing can occur. In between treatment appointments I build time for support should you need it as the energies and emotions are integrated.

I offer several cost-effective treatment programmes to help you ensure you receive the most benefit from these treatments. You can choose the right length of programme to suit you. I also offer Treatment & Learning courses where you can also learn how to work with crystals and flower essences for your own support.

My aim is to help enable women to gain a sense of well-being and to ease stress. By bringing calm, a clarity of mind, and self confidence. My treatments help to support women through personal challenges and changes in life and to enable them to develop a strong sense of individual self and personal development. It is my wish to help to empower women to move through life challenges, to believe in their self and to fulfil their dreams through the connection to nature and nature based therapies and to learn how to work with the energy of crystals, flower essences and the elements.

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