Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique (also called Bowen Therapy) is a gentle touch therapy, a powerful non-invasive process that encourages the body to heal itself.

Bowen Therapy was devised by Thomas Bowen (1915-1982), an Australian who initially tried out his therapy – to use a light touch technique in specific locations on the skin to create change throughout the tissues layers – on greyhounds and racehorses, but eventually became a dedicated human therapist.

Not formally trained in anatomy and physiology, he had a passion about understanding how the body works, and Bowen’s success can be measured by the number people who travelled, often many miles across the Australian outback, for his treatment. It was estimated that in the 1970’s he treated around 13,000 clients.

His gentle, subtle technique has been developed over the years by his followers, and it continually grows in stature.
Bowen moves are made with thumbs and fingers, over specific areas of the body, using muscle junction points to influence fascia (connective tissue that wraps the body’s vital organs and muscles).
One unusual feature of a Bowen treatment is that the therapist allows pauses- around 2 minutes- between a series of moves. This gives the body time to consider the neural messages created by the moves; the treatment allows the body to heal in its own time. (There is no massage or manipulation involved in a Bowen treatment).

Bowen is used for a wide variety of conditions, and amongst all age groups. It is not only effective for muscular and joint problems, but also, respiratory, and digestive problems, carpal tunnel, stress, and many others.
It is also has its place for sportspersons, and as an occasional system ‘re-tuner’.
People (such as all round action man, Bear Grylls) benefit from regular Bowen treatments. (The Daily Mail, 24 April 2007).

Hilary Legard
MBTPA, Cert. ECBS (2002)

Hilary has practiced the Bowen technique since 2002, initially in NW London and, since 2004, in Suffolk.

She was already an experienced animal therapist, working concurrently with a London vet and as a Social Researcher. Looking to concentrate on therapies, and to move into treating people too, she identified the Bowen Therapy. It ticked all the boxes, it’s gentle, non-invasive, and allows the body to re-adjust itself as far as it’s able to.
Hilary joined the Natural Health Centre, Woodbridge in 2004, and also has had a clinic at Ufford Park Spa, Melton since 2005.

She has found Bowen to be a most effective route to well-being, and has used it with a variety of conditions such as Carpal Tunnel; fibromyalgia, vertigo, stress/weariness, infant colic and during pregnancy.

Hilary is a member of The Bowen Therapist Professional Association, and is registered with The NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners.

For more information on Hilary please visit her website: Here you’ll also find a short video on the process of having a Bowen Treatment.

Home Visits by Hilary can be pre-arranged.