Virginia Hendry 
BA, Dip Ed, DipCNM (NT) (BANT, ANP and CNHC)

As a naturopathic practitioner, I use a functional medicine approach to find and address the root causes of disorders to restore optimal health. 

I came to this field after many years of dealing with the chronic health issues of myself and  my family. Now, as a qualified and registered naturopathic nutritional therapist, I use my  knowledge to support clients with a wide variety of health challenges, including

  • Hormonal  imbalances
  • Immune disorders 
  • Gut health, from which many disorders stem.

After an initial hour-long consultation to determine your predisposing factors, such as  genetics and epigenetics, as well as the distinct events that triggered your current health  issues and the habits that perpetuate them, I will devise a unique health protocol for you.

This “map” to optimal health will focus on diet and lifestyle changes, as well as offering  possible nutritional and herbal supplements. 

During the initial session I may recommend functional medicine tests to determine such  things as serum blood levels of nutrients or minerals.

With your permission, I may also refer  you to other practitioners, including doctors, where appropriate.

In the half-hour follow-up  session approximately four weeks later, we will assess the success of the protocol, refining it  to deliver the brightest possible future for you.

Virginia offers a complimentary 20-minute exploratory chat on 07761 477917 and is available for consultations at The Natural Health Centre from Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 5pm; Tuesdays 7 – 8:30pm and Saturdays 3:30 – 5pm.