Avoiding Slips and Trips!

At this time of year, especially if a little bit merry with the sherry, be careful of the risk slips on leaves or icy bits and trips on kerbs, steps or tree roots.  Should you strain your back or neck, fall onto outstretched hand (FOOSH!) or land on your knees, then it may well be painful and swelling occur.  

If this didn’t warrant a trip to A&E, then take steps like ‘RICE’ protocol…Rest, Ice (injury site), Compression (leg/arm injury site) & Elevate to reduce swelling, will all be good self-help treatments.  If the pain persists and no marked improvement then get the injury checked by a suitably trained clinician.  I can assess your injury and advise accordingly as to whether it needs possible further investigation or can be treated.  Relevant action & reassurance may just allow you to enjoy the Christmas Break!

If you need advice please contact me Paul Lacey, Registered Osteopath on  07721000447  to discuss

Happy Festive Season