Are You OK?

 Are you OK?

This is the question we are all asking each other at the present time. But it means so much more than the usual enquiry.

Many of us will, understandably, be experiencing a range of emotions –

confusion, loneliness, uncertainty, worry, frustration, feeling adrift in this

different and unpredictable world. Our mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing is being tested to the limits.

What will help us?

Being grounded in the here and now, in the moment

Not thinking too far ahead

Using techniques to remain calm (breathing, mindfulness, distraction)

Helping each other.

Now, more than ever, the art of acceptance is very relevant. We can

enhance this skill of accepting our circumstances, by being compassionate towards ourselves and remembering that it is OK to feel unsure.

Here is a technique which might seem simple, but can be very powerful in taking control of our feelings and mood:

Just smile…

It is possible that facial expressions may help us to transition from feelings of anxiety, stress and panic to calmness and balance. Our face often displays what we are feeling inside, but there is evidence that changing our facial expression can help us change our feelings.

Importantly, it empowers us to take control of those anxious feelings that can overwhelm us.

Here’s how:

Spend a few moments taking your attention to your breathing.

Gently bring a warm, friendly expression to your face – something that feels comfortable to you. If it helps, think of someone you’re very fond of and

allow your face to move into a warm expression whilst holding them in mind. Just notice for thirty seconds how it feels to hold this facial expression whilst breathing. Now allow your face to return to your neutral expression, and just be with your breathing rhythm for thirty seconds. See if you can return to your warm, friendly facial expression for another thirty

seconds, and note how this feels in comparison.

(Taken from The Compassionate Mind Workbook, Chris Irons ad Elaine Beaumont)



We are here to help, and while the Natural Health Centre is closed, we are still working with clients remotely. If you would like to talk about the current situation or any issues that might be causing you stress and anxiety, please get in touch.


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