Talking Therapy at the Natural Health Centre, and how it can help…

There’s talking and chatting, and then there’s talking to someone, perhaps when you really need that someone to listen to what you are saying and where it’s coming from.

This is the benefit of talking therapies: being listened to with attention and respect, in complete confidentiality. Whether it’s a specific event or issue that you just need to get out of your head and talk it through, or maybe there is something more permanent or ongoing that you feel you need some extra support with, there are so many ways that talking to a therapist can help. It can put things in perspective and release stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings . It can help through difficult times, and equally it can be restorative and beneficial to have a general de-clutter in a safe therapeutic space.

I offer a 15-minute free phone consultation, sessions are 50 minutes, £60 per session.

Member of National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society

Lucy Ferguson, Ad Dip PC MNCS (Acc), Cert Hyp CS, MA (Hons)