Handy Hints – Crystal Energy Therapy with Carina

If we are feeling under stress or anxious the energetic properties of crystals can be of
support. Crystals work by emitting an electromagnetic charge which in turn reacts with our own energy system, vibrationally interacting to create a balance in the system and removing energy blocks. Our energy system has effect on how we are and how we feel and can affect us on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level contributing to how we feel, our perceptions and our thoughts and attitudes.

Three crystals that can help with stress and anxiety are

Lepidolite– is an excellent mood stabilizer and is comprised of a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication. It promotes a sense of calm and tranquillity during times of stress. Lepidolite’s crystal healing properties balance the mind and spirit, and promotes a sense of calm, especially when you are feeling the negative effects of stress and anxiety. It is a powerful crystal aid for sleep and relaxation.

Amethyst – will ease stress, irritability, calm anger, anxiety, and fear and help to regulate mood swings bringing calm and a sense of peace. Amethyst is a very protective crystal and also helps to dissolve any negativity. It will attract good energy and repel negative energies.
You can place it either under your pillow or under your bed to absorb its energy.

Rose Quartz – can transform negative energies into positive energies. It helps in the releasing of emotions such as grief, resentment, and anger. The crystal can help you to release emotions causing fears and imbalances that promote stress. Rose quartz can help in reducing stress by bringing in compassion, love, and forgiveness. To use Rose Quartz in crystal healing therapy, you can place a piece of it on your heart chakra and focus on its pink
energies balancing and calming your system.

We can work with the crystals energy by holding them and focussing on them in meditation, wearing them about our person, either in a pocket or in jewellery, placing them in our environment and also placing them under the pillow at night to allow the energies to interact with our own. On a deeper level a course of Crystal Energy Therapy can be very supportive and is a powerful form of self-development and healing.

Crystals with Carina