Spring Energy Alchemy

We are in the full swing of Spring now and naturally we may be feeling the urge to have a clean out, throw away things we don’t need, spring clean our homes and make space for the new. This includes reviewing what seeds we want to plant for the coming year in both physical and energetic terms! A good time also to have a look at our new year’s resolutions and see if we need to tweak them or, as more often is the case, start all over again.

I am here at the centre to support you with reiki healing whilst you make your changes, to help you pave the way for a brighter and better year health wise than the last. Reiki can be both a buffer from challenging allopathic treatments, making them easier to bear and also encourage your body to heal faster; it can also help settle frazzled emotions and bring you back to a calmer, more centred state if you are going through a difficult time. These are just a couple of the possible reasons you might come for a session with me; one of the unique aspects of reiki energy aswell is that, although you may come to me with a physical problem, it may be that an emotional issue is the priority and reiki, in it’s intelligent way, will go to that and help transform that for you.

There are a wealth of different therapies available at the centre, which can address physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your overall wellbeing; you have everything available here to create your own prescription or healing mix, which of course may change according to what works for you (or doesn’t) at any one time. The reiki drum therapy that I use, for instance, can help you review your life circumstances (in a drum journey) or perhaps support you with any changes you need to make, transforming and cleansing stagnant energies in your field and creating statements of power for you to clear old and unhelpful mental patterns.

Reiki healing works as both a supportive and standalone therapy, working in harmony with any other treatment modality. If you would like to add reiki to your personal healing mix this year, please contact myself or the centre directly. I am available at the centre on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only.

Lesley Sherlock Tel:07724598188

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