Osteopath Paul Lacey is here to support to you, plus at home drills during lockdown


The Coronavirus outbreak means the Natural Health Centre is closed and all face-to-face hands-on treatments suspended until further Government notice.

I am still here to support YOU, and if you are struggling with an acute episode of pain.

 I can advise on self-help, rehab or reassurance or triage (signpost), as best as one can from a distance!

  Contact me by phone.

07721 000447 or paullacey99@yahoo.com

As every day is as a Sunday at the moment, call me when you can, I will get back to you if im exercising!

With the indefinite timescale of this lockdown then I will consider offering osteopathy-related video consultations.

This is new & unusual departure for a ‘hands-on profession’, and appreciate these are difficult times, so I will look at offering flexible pricing –

Please get in touch to discuss whether this service would suit you.

Stay Safe – Keep Moving!

See you on the other-side of this

Paul Lacey


At Home Drills

Disrupted and restricted times laced with uncertainty, challenge all of us.  As the human body is 70% fluid we need to keep moving at home for sake of your body’s tissues and to get endorphins (feel good hormones) surging around your body to create some feel good in the mind.

Old aches & pains may flare; new injuries may occur; moods will swing; anxiety & stress make come to the fore and that is not unusual in unusual times!  So take control and put yourself in the best place to face down whatever Coronavirus throws at us.  Here are some quick tips in no particular order!!


BREATHING – Deep diaphragmatic, keeps the airways clear; boost immune capability; through nose when outside.

EXERCISE DAILY – online exercise classes or outdoors…..wash hands after being out!

ACTIVITIES – try/learn something new: cooking, language. Pick up a book. Sort/collate old photos.

TAKE CARE – with DIY tasks, no falling off ladders or losing fingers.  No falling off bikes. No


CONTACT – with family & friends, good for morale.  Limit keeping up-to-date from only reputable news sources.

OPEN WINDOWS – ventilate the home from time to time…..particularly if a house full.

REGULAR BREAKS – from media, devices, laptops.

ORDERLY – keep your living space clean and tidy. It’s good for health, physical and mental.

NO NEGATIVITY – We will come out the other side of this and life will go, might be little different, but it will go on!

ASK FOR HELP – if required for shopping, medications, dog walking, more firewood etc.


VITAMINS – boost with fruit & vegetables for Vit C, D3 for immune system.

INTAKE – keep hydrated with 2 litres of water DAILY.  (8 x 8 ounces glasses).

ROUTINE – establish one.  Get up (lose the pyjamas!) and get on it. Stick to regular mealtimes. Resist urge to snack!

UP AND AT ‘EM – keep the spirits up, Pike!!!  Good morale, patience, resilience will win. Keep fear in the box!

SLEEP HYGIENE – Keep body clock in synch.  Blue light from screens, delays release of sleep-inducing melatonin.