Why is everyone talking about breathing?

why is everyone talking about breathing?

Why is everyone talking about breathing?

From mindfulness apps to ways to manage anxiety, everyone has a breathing technique they are keen to share – breathing is a hot topic!

Fortunately for us, breathing looks after itself and we don’t need to remember to do it.  However, simply becoming aware of your breathing tells you a lot about yourself.  Short breathing high in the chest may be a sign of anxiety.  Deep breathing using more of your lung capacity is often associated with feeling relaxed.

However, have you ever considered that by improving your posture you could transform your breathing?   Changing a few details about the way you sit, stand and walk can have a significant impact on the quality of your breath and help you to use some of the techniques you may have heard about.

The very first yoga posture I share with newcomers to yoga is the Mountain pose (Tadasana) which focuses on aligning your body from your feet to the head, creating space and freedom in the rib area and strength in the spine.  The ideas behind it work just as well from a seated position.

If you would like to discover simple ways to improve your posture and your breathing, do come and see me at the Natural Health Centre!

Izzy Ixer BWY Dip MCMI
Coach and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher