Handy hints for Spring – Steve Kippax

Urtica-dioica-NettleHandy hints for Spring ….

Green shoots –

As the days start to get longer and the monsoon season fades into the background Mother Earth is coming back to life and busy generating the next cornucopia of healing plants.

Spring clean- Our beloved stinging nettle has been used as a great spring tonic. It is a super remedy to help your Liver detox and come back to life after the dark winter months.  Picking maybe the top 6- 8 inches (5- 10 cm), out in a jug, add boiling water and let infuse. Then drink a small tea cup in the morning. It is also a great source of iron.

When the young plants first emerge and when they are maybe no more than 6 inches (8 cm) high they can also be eaten as a vegetable – light steaming or boiling provides this ubiquitous plant in a palatable fashion.

Spring is green!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 5 elements. One of these elements is Wood.

Wood is related to Spring time and the colour green. It is also associated with the Liver and Gallbladder.

The Liver is regarded as opening into the eyes and manifesting in the finger nails. Gou ji berries and Chrysanthemum flowers are a lovely combination to have as a nourishing tea for the eyes. Put 2-3 Chrysanthemum flowers and maybe 6 – 8 gou ji berries into a tea pot ( or mug) pour boiling water on, let infuse then drink – cooling and tastes nice!! Great if your eyes become affected by the up coming hay fever season too.

Who remembers dandelion and burdock?

These 2 great local herbs have been combined together and are still available as a drink. In their natural herbal state both of these abundant plants are tonics for the liver.

Dandelion root is also a mild aperient (encourages the bowel to move) as well as enhancing liver pathways to encourage optimum performance and clean out the liver.

Burdock root is used in a similar fashion but is more indicated for skin conditions too. The seed can be used as a mild diaphoretic with benefit if you have a sore throat – so get out there and pick some of these wonderful gifts from Mother Earth.

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